How to eat a Burger with right position?

Hey, how do you eat a burger?

Are you eating a burger like this?

today, Let me tell you the best way to hold a burger! the way you can enjoy your burger without worring about the dropping pieces~haha


OK, lets start enjoying your burger in the best position!


Artwork of Burger

Today let’s just enjoy some artwork of burgers!!!

Burger photography:


Burger with other things:

Burger in Painting:

Burger of other material (paper burger, golden burger,porcelain burger):

This could be my last post about burger, thanks for all my readers and hope you all happy and healthy. Don’t forget to have a burger some time~ love you all~


Make burger fashionable!


I know all of you have tried a lot of burger, but do you want to have some burger from D&G or Burberry?

In fact, these photos are just some joke, to show that if burgers can become fashionale.

Actually,people used to say that burger is some “JUNK FOOD”, and it is usually believed to be normal and cheap. And fashion, need to be However, people in fashion industry made a lof of work to make it fashionable.

at first, they photopraphy the burger, like those other fashion items and clothes, burgers are used as a atage property, to relieve with the models or other main charactors.


In addition to shooting the photos for burgers, designers love to use burger as a element for their designs, not only clothes, but the jewelry as well. And that make the burgers more close to the fashion circle.


Also, many artist have been using burger as thier inspiration, creating a lot of arrtworks,for example, this scene from the famous film: Pulp Fiction, which is directed by a talented American director Quentin Tarantino, the burger are given new meaning of life and it lead viewers to thinks deeper than the movie itself. Don’t miss it if you are a fan of crime black comedy!

Anyway, if you don’t mind to if your burgers are fashionable or not, that’s ok, just forget about it, let’s eat a burger together~!!!!




Sweet Burgers~

WOW~!!! Hi my readers, are you excited to see such a Huuuuuuge burger !?

But i think you may have a question, why there are candle on the burger? Right…..I guest you have know, this is not a real burger, this is a CAKE!!!CIMG4408

You may know what i’ll introduce to you, that’s right, today i’ll introduce you some burgers for those who love sweet food~ there are some special burgers for you!!!

At first, let’s see these burger here, looking nice right?


But these are not real burgers as well, but ice cream burgers! These desserts are made of ice cream, chocolate, caramel, waffle cookie. (you can see how to made an ice cream burger by click the picture):

If the caramel burger is too hard for you to make, I also prepared some lovely vegetables and fruit burger, these healthy and tasty burgers are perfect for you~

Also, it is very easy to make a fruit burger, only need several steps:


  1. slices of 1 medium apple
  2. unsweetened almond butter or peanut butter
  3. honey or maple syrup to taste
  4. dry cranberries or raisins
  5. sesame seeds, sunflower seeds

Layer a slice of apple, almond butter and sprinkle with cranberries and seeds.

Lastly, drizzle honey to taste and add layer of apple.

Repeat if desired & enjoy~!!!

Burger around the world – III

Hi my readers, how are you?

We all know that burgers are widely loved by people all around the world, and mostly , burger fans’ favorite thing about a burger is the meat inside. No matter beef, chicken, or even pork, the burger steaks made of meat seem like the most important selling point.

But things always has exception, there are also recipes especially for vegetarians who love burger, let us meet today’s special recommendation for veggies and people who are on diet:

The Tofu Burger!


Looking good, right? Actually, a lot of people are not familiar with the benefit of Tofu yet, and since Tofu is one of my favorite food, I’d like to introduce you some basic things about Tofu.

Tofu, or bean curd, is derived from soya and originally from China like the most of soya food. It is made by curdling fresh soya milk, pressing it into a solid block and then cooling it – in much the same way that traditional dairy cheese is made by curdling and solidifying milk. And depending on the amount of water, it can be divided into many type (see the following pictures):

In addition to its good flavor, the nutrition of Tofu also beat lots of food. Actually, Tofu contains lot of protein and all eight essential amino acids. It is an excellent source of iron and calcium and the minerals manganese, selenium and phosphorous. Also, tofu is a good source of magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B1. (

Here is a simple table of Tofu’s nutrition, and a comparison between chicken and Tofu:



After seeing these data, i believe you all want to try some Tofu, especially Tofu Burger, so let’s learn how to make it by your own:

So, that’s it today, I hope you all enjoy this Tofu Burger, and do not forget to share your work with me!!! love you all~


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Burgers Around the World – II

Have you all tried the Rice Burger I’ve introduced days before? hope you all like this topic of different burger around the world, today I’m gonna introduce you another new burger:

The Ramen Burger!!!


So different from the burgers we know, isn’t it?^^ Not bread, not rice, but Ramen! I believe all of you have tried Ramen, in another word,  instant noodles, but have you ever seen using noodles to make burgers? I can tell few people have this experiences.

In America, Ramen Burger began to appear in an outdoor food market in Brooklyn at the year of 2013, and  soon, the Keizo Shimamoto creation had enough hype to debut in L.A. and even inspired a knockoff in the Philippines, cementing its status as a global obsession. however, there’s no official ramen-burger restaurant yet—would-be tasters have to monitor its Facebook page to see where it’ll be served next. Who find it interesting can also follow their Facebook to see when if they have any activities (Facebook Account: @Ramen Burger)

However, the problem is that not everyone get the chance to try this because not every restaurant sells it. I find you guys a good recipe to make your own Ramen Burger!!! check it out and DIY it, everyone can enjoy your own Ramen Burger!

Don’t forget to leave your comments and likes~ love you!



Burgers Around the World – I

Long time no see my readers, i’ve had a very busy month plus a rest travel to Europe, which took my time from updating my blog… apologize for my laziness…haha

However, this trip to Europe brought me a new idea, since i tried a lot of different food in different countries, a question comes to my mind: in some corner of this world that we don’t know, are burgers existing in new ways ?

The truth is, Hamburgers in some countries have got influenced by the culture of the countries. And in following days, i will introduce you some special burgers to you!

And today’s special burger is…….

Rice Burger!!!



What do you think, it looks very tasty, right?

Instead of traditional hamburger, in some Asia countries, burgers are made of grilled or pan fried rice patties rather than burger bun.  And the taste is various as well, for example, there are Kimchi and Tuna taste in South Korea, and other special flavor in China, Japan…

Having know so much about Rice Burger, are you interested in trying this special burger?  If you are not able to find a rice burger restaurant, here is a video that will teach you how to make rice burger in your own kitchen.

Don’t forget to leave your “like” and comment if you tried this special RICE BURGER!!!